Fire hydrant System

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The fire hydrant is a very useful device for fire fighting and extinguishing the fire immediately. It is a connection that is connected to the water supply source and when a fire outbreaks the firefighter can easily get the water by opening this connection.

The fire hydrant system is usually red in color which makes them prominent. The whole system which contains pillars and pipes is designed in red color.The Fire hydrant system can supply water with extremely high pressure. High pressured water is able to extinguish the fire in very little time.more

Firefighting valves:


Firefighting valves are used to control the flow of the water from the pipes. By using these valves we can get water when we want and we can stop getting water when we are finished with using it. In this way, the water or the other fire retardants will not be wasted.

Zone control valve

Zone control valve is used to divide the the large areas of buildings into smaller ones. Zone control valve convenient to control the fire. It is used along with the butterfly valve. Flow switch, pressure gauge and test and drain valves.

lockshield valve

There are many valves present on the radiators, lockshield valve is one of them. Lockshield valves regulate the flow of the water in the radiators.

When the radiators took too long to get warm up, the lockshield valves are used to supply water to them, for boosting the process of warm up. Different parts of radiators can be controlled individually with the help of these valves. Lockshield has plastic cap on them.

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